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Busy parent?

Like to save time or money?

Always provide the best you can get for the family?

If it is a yes, this DIY FUN Box is definitely for you! 

  • Don't want spend 1000+nok for a cake?

  • Don't know how to bake?

  • Still hoping for a decent, cute, special cake to surprise her or him?

Easy, Fun, Unique!

Follow the Easy 3-step guide,

bake and decorate a beautiful cake within 45-60mins!

Baking Together

The little ones can contribute too.

Young Chef

DIY your dream cake

Your creativity needs a way to shine! Join our adventure now!


Select your design and flavor online.


Select your cake design and cake flavor on our website. We deliver to all over Norway. With our bundle price 799kr/3 cakes, you can plan for the whole family.

Step 1

Mix the icing as you wish.

Cake Frosting

Simply combine Icing mix with some whipped heavy cream or cream cheese that will make it delicious and easy to use for the next step.

Step 3

Bake your cake at home.

Baking Together

Using our premixed cake mix, you only need to add egg, milk and oil. After 35-40mins, your lovely sponge cake will be ready for the next step.

Step 2

Decorate the cake with your creativities

Desserts from Home

Assembling the cake is the highlight of the whole journey. Layer up sponge cakes, spread icing/frosting in between the layers, coat the outside with self-colored frosting. Finally decorate it with edible print or sprinkle on top. Ta-da...

Step 4

 What is in the DIY box?  

Cake mix, Icing mix, Edible prints, Sprinkles, Fondant, Vanilla extract, Food color etc. 



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Pre-select online,

799kr for 3 cakes,

including shipping!

  • Enjoy limited bundle price offer 799kr for 3 cakes + free shipping in Norway

  • Choose from 25 designs (each design has limited supply)

  • Surprise gift for the first 15 customers (Electric mixer, Edible print, Birthday candles, 3D Cake topper etc.)

  • Free e-book with 35 most popular Norwegian cake recipes

Decorating Cake
Smiling Young Man

Jon & Annet, Thrøms NO

Making cake yourself is just a hassle but my girlfriend loves dessert. So i tried a "easy way" this year. I printed our picture from our first date by using the sugar paper print. It turned out to be great! The moment she saw the cake she started to cry. Happy tears! Thank you!

Portrait Through Window Glass

Emilie, Oslo, NO

It was FUN to make my daughter's birthday cake together with her by "LEGOing" up the cake. She loves Frost so much and we couldn't find anything better than this Elsa-theme DIY box with everything we need. Not only the amazing look, but also surprisingly tasty with a couple of simple steps! This is just so smart and lovely! We will definetely come back!


Chris Haung, Åargus, DK

We are second generation of immigrant with Chinese background. So i am really trying to find some Chinese elements for my brother's bachelor party cake. And i found a set of very creative and funny cake toppers here that made my day!  

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