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Lemon Meringue Pie

1.The cake design


You are welcome to bring your favourite designs or we give you some inspirations.

Simply send an enquire form, we reply in 2 hours! 

2.Size and flavors


Size, flavours and design, these are the three main factorsdeciding the price. Please leave necessary information via contact form, we will help you from there.

3.Pick up or deliver


You can pick up from our partner bakers or arrange delivery to your address. Please contact our customer service for further info.

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From oven to office:
corporate cakes for every events. 

100% customized cake, cupcakes or soft cookies in Oslo and Bærum.

Size guide: 

15-40people sheet cake 8inch*10inch

35-50 people sheet cake 10inch *12inch

45-60 people sheet cake 12inch* 16inch


Cupcake is 4-6 bites for adult 

Mini cupcake is 2-3 bites for children

Soft cookies is about 10cm in diameter

Macaron is about 5cm in diameter 

Cake or cupcake options: 
Vanilla/Chocolate sponge cake , carrot cake or red velvet cake

Vanilla buttercream with or without strawberry jam, or chopped fruit; 
Chocolate buttercream with or without Oreo, or hazelnut paste, or coconut (cooked with butter and sugar);
Cream cheese filling(for red velvet cake or carrot cake only )



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